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About Us



  • We envision a church that respects, values and studies the Bible regularly, and whose altars are filled with lost, pre-believers giving their lives to Christ.
  • We envision a church where authentic, passionate, Spirit-filled worship and prayer is a way of life, in and outside of the worship services.
  • We envision a church that is dependent on the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.
  • We Envision a church where people are drawn from difficult or impossible situations and are transformed by the Spirit of God, and completely enfolded by a loving family of believers.
  • We envision a church where believers from all walks of life, and all ages, gather to learn, worship, serve, belong, and have eternal impact for Christ wherever they go.
  • We envision a church that is committed to sharing and supporting the Good News of Christ in various traditional and nontraditional God-honoring ways throughout the community, state, nation and world.
  • We envision a church that believes that Christ is returning soon, and therefore acts accordingly.
  • We envision a church whose father is God, whose head is Jesus Christ, whose help is the Holy Spirit, and whose focus is the Great Commission.